SAVE THE DATE! 18th-19th September Big Canopy Campout Event 2021

Register for Big Canopy Campout

Register for Big Canopy Campout

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Register for Big Canopy Campout and keep your unique registration for all future events and to be a part of the BCC every year.

See our Resources page for all the information you need, and of course please get in touch if there's anything we can do to help.


  1. Place this product in your cart with your other items. Do check the Quantity is only '1', please. This registration is for your specific camp only, not the number of participants in your camp. 
  2. Check out - Registration is free!
  3. Your order number is your Registration Number!

By registering with us you are automatically entered into our annual prize draw with the chance to win unique BCC products.

Please use your registration number when communicating with us or submitting your photos and videos on the Video Hub.