Gomtaro Silky Saw Handle made from recycled skateboards. @dedwooddesigns
Big Canopy Campout custom made recycled skateboard Zübat silky saw handle. @dedwooddesigns
Big Canopy Campout custom made recycled skateboard Zübat silky saw handle. @dedwooddesigns
BCC PerfectO locksafe carabiner, XSRE Captive bar screwgate carabiner lying on a custom made Dedwood Designs Gomtaro Silky Saw Handle  by Dedwood Designs
Dedwood Designs headquarters displaying the collected recycled skateboards  with BCC Colours
BCC Custom colour recycled skateboards Keyrings.
Big Canopy Campout custom made recycled skateboard Gomtaro silky saw handle. @dedwooddesigns
Colours found in the inside of recycled skateboards by Dedwood Designs

Dedwood Designs Recycled Skateboard Saw Handles

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Recycled Skateboards and Reclaimed Timber by Dedwood Designs

We are excited to have these very limited edition custom made Zübat and Gomtaro recycled skateboard Silky saw handles as part of our fundraising merchandise!

As Dave from Dedwood Designs doesn't know what colours he'll get until the skateboards are opened up in his workshop, we were grateful for his patience in storing the respective BCC colours until there was enough to complete 6 beautiful saw handles!

Each saw handle purchase comes with it's own keyring made from off-cuts - nothing going to waste!

Here's a little introduction to Dave and his designs!

‘I’m David @dedwooddesigns, and ex climbing arb (now tree officer - the dark side) and in my spare time I recycle old skateboards and reclaimed timber into a whole bunch of usable products and art. Tree guys let too much go to waste through the chipper or onto the firewood pile and as a keen skateboarder growing up I realised the same was happening to skateboards. Literally designed to be ridden to destruction and thrown away. Little do most people know that they have beautiful dyed coloured layers of hard Maple veneer.. what a waste to see this thrown away. So I try to give them a new life. They aren’t easy to work with but the results are worth it. It never gets old seeing those bright flashes of colour appear as I cut into what is essentially a piece of trash’

If you haven't already checked out Dave and his beautiful creations you can find him on Facebook and Instagram @dedwooddesigns