Two linked BCC custom colour DMM Ultra0 carabiners.
Big Canopy Campout DMM Ultra O Carabiner

Big Canopy Campout DMM Ultra O Carabiner

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DMM Ultra O Locksafe Carabiner!!

This landmark DMM product is the only true oval carabiner in the world. A firm favourite in the tree climbing community this beautifully crafted carabiner is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.

The Ultra O's symmetrical rope baskets (top and bottom ends!) are ideal for perfect alignment of devices or rope along the major axis such as pulleys, swivels and shackles. Basically it balances everything beautifully!

Slightly larger than the PerfectO the UltraO offers more space to tether and attach other components for your climbing system.

We have 500 UltraO's up for grabs this year,  each carabiner sale will contribute to the SËRA Foundation and the fight to protect their ancestral home, knowledge and culture in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

For specific product details see DMM Website

Welcome to the Big Canopy Campout DMM Family dear UltraO Locksafe carabiner we are delighted you are here!

TOP TIP - Add the UltraO as your bridge connection on your Hitch Climber Eccentric to give more room for tether when using a wrench and more distance between running tail and bridge!