The Team

Vicki Tough

Forests fascinate me.  I had the privilege of spending time in the amazon rainforest of Ecuador and meeting the local communities there during my Zoology degree. I believe these experiences are the foundation of why these areas and the people are so pivotal in my life today. Now as a professional climber in both rope access and arboriculture I use the practical skills of accessing these areas to bridge the gap between science, research and working at height to better our understanding of these areas in the hope we can use it for their future protection.  For me Big Canopy Campout represents the wonderful world of people and their different ways of how to connect and experience forests.  I am delighted to have this opportunity to get to know more people and continue fighting for the protection of forests worldwide.


Jez Davies 

As a professional tree climber in arboriculture, I’ve been afforded the privilege of basing myself in rural Scotland where myself and my wife now raise our little baby boy, Bodhi. Work farther afield in Europe and South America continues to provide amazing challenges and adventure within the tribe like group of characters in which the art of tree climbing pulls together. Having focussed my studies and practices in veteran tree management, I am passionate about the ecological impact and future development of ancient arboreal landscapes with the vast biodiversity contained. For me, being a part of Big Canopy Campout is an opportunity to further engage with individual’s, communities and works with established foundations to protect old growth forests so valuable to our fragile and uncertain future.

Lucy Radford 

From scrambling around in my local woodland as a child to working in tropical forest conservation as an adult, I’ve always been fascinated by trees. I’ve got an MSc in Primate Conservation and I currently work for an orangutan conservation charity, so I’m acutely aware of the vital importance of forests for other species, but I also take a lot of solace and comfort from nature, so I know how crucial it is that we do all we can to protect trees and forests for our own good, too. I’m honoured to be volunteering for the Big Canopy Campout and using my skills in social media and writing to share the wonder of trees with such a brilliant community.

Rebecca Tough (Bex)

Trees! Can’t climb them but can draw them - Resident artist and the team's amateur herbalist with an Honours in Computer arts and a lifetime experience of camping. . . on the ground. Big Canopy Campout has adopted me to be part of its incredible mission to protect the forests of this world and I couldn’t be happier to be part of such an important mission.

Andrew Walmsley

As a photographer who wants to create images that can inspire an emotional connection with wildlife and forests, I learned to climb into the hard to reach places that are under the biggest threat in today's world - the rainforest canopies. The enormous popularity of treetop tours and zip-slide experiences highlight our growing interest in this unique environment, and I aim to specialise in showing the wildlife in their forest canopy home, taking photos from their eye level to give us an insight into their world. I'm discovering that there is a pretty special set of challenges in getting cameras 60m up a tree, but it's worth every blister and shirt change once I'm up there! I'm honoured to be part of the Big Canopy Campout team - it's great to be able to share the wonder of trees with a worldwide audience.

 Jim Fenn