Responsible Camping

Recreate Responsibly


If you’re here on the Big Canopy Campout Responsible Camping page, it means you already believe in the importance of responsible recreation, now more than ever. The next crucial step in leading by example is to share the message of #RecreateResponsibly with your community–we need every outdoor voice spreading a unified message and consistent guidelines. We hope this page will help you spread the word!

As you’re making plans for your Big Canopy Campout, get ready to get outside safely and contribute to making the outdoors an inclusive and equitable community where everyone feels welcomed. Lead by example. Your actions have more impact on others than you might think.

We are all united by the love we share for our trees, forests and parks. The need to #RecreateResponsibly will continue even after the pandemic is behind us. We have a shared responsibility to care for one another and these places to ensure they remain for future generations to enjoy.

Visitors should always be mindful of their impact on land and local communities. Please be sure to Leave No Trace wherever you go. Please also:

  • bring a face covering
  • avoid crowded or closed areas
  • build an inclusive outdoors, welcoming to everyone who wants to get outside, no matter how they identify or how they like to experience the outdoors.

As government guidelines evolve, we can all be a part of making the outdoors a safe place to be. Following the #RecreateResponsibly guidelines will keep everyone safe.