Here are some yummy recipes for campers of all ages to try out, this page will be constantly updated with new meals for you to try out so keep your eyes open for the latest recipes.


If you have any amazing recipes you would like to share with the world while you are out in the wild we would love to hear and see them. Please contact us with the details and you may even get your recipe published to this page!

*Please note - all of these recipes should be carried out with a responsible adult and you can prepare many of these at home to heat later at your camp**


Pancakes - Who doesn't like pancakes? give these a go and see what you can add to your recipe to make it more fun

Mac n' Cheese - Ooey gooey cheesy goodness 

Chocolate Orange Cake - Like chocolate? cake? orange? This is the best little recipe to satisfy your chocolate cake cravings while out in the wild!!

Banana S'Mores - A  lovely treat for your sweet tooth while sneaking in some fruit for the guilt

Classic S'Mores - If you haven't had this campfire classic, now is the time to try. If these ingredients aren't available where you live then try experimenting with what you can get!