Big Canopy Campout 2021 took place on 18th and 19th September

Meet the SËRA Foundation Team: Jimmy Piaguaje, Kumiko Hayashi, Joffre Piaguaje, Ribaldo Piaguaje, Ruth Payaguaje, Liliana Payaguaje, Yadira Ocuguaje, Robinson Piaguaje, Margoth Payaguaje, Beth Pitts and Angelo Reyes


The Big Canopy Campout increased by a whopping 47% taken us up to 197 registered events (both camp-outs and camp-ins) in 36 different countries around the world – the largest and most significant aerial camping event in the history of forest defence.⁠

This year, our store offered new additions for purchase, our limited edition DMM Perfect O's and Ultra O's along side our popular Hitch Climber Eccentrics and XSREs. This was our first year of auctions and raffles for an extra chance to get your hands on the shiny, it was a roaring success and you helped raise over £5,000 in online sales for the SËRA Foundation ⁠with an ongoing amount of donations being contributed towards the foundation over on their GoFundMe page.

All the funds went towards building a new school & curriculum for the protection of the Amazon rainforest, their home.⁠

We couldn’t have done this without your energy and enthusiasm. 2021 was another year of uncertainty across the globe, but once again the Big Canopy Campout community demonstrated the passion and kindness towards making our planet that little bit better in amongst the chaos that we are all determined to silence.