Big Canopy Campout 2019 took place on 12th and 13th October

'This event goes along with our honest humble cause in creating awareness towards saving and preserving our forests in this part of the world or wherever we exist. Hope to be here again next year!'
- KL Forest Tribe Junior, Kuala Lumpa

This year saw BCC respond to the Global Climate Crisis and support the campaign initiated by Greta Thunberg and the next generation of environmental campaigners.  The BCC community were encouraged to celebrate local forest and wild spaces with minimal travel, using the virtual advantages of our online communication to showcase the diverse and varying forests, woodlands and campout spots.

Bob Brown Foundation achieved the ultimate multi-campout event with teams set up on the ground and in the trees at various old growth forest sites marked for logging, showing the world what could be lost if we don’t fight for it.

Fridays For Future, Tübingen took time out of their busy schedules to fit in an overnight camp and support the need for forests in their future.  The warm atmosphere of campfire, music and true friendship amongst a group of people who believe in fighting for their future planet was truly inspiring.

In three short years we have seen that the number of people who are motivated to understand, spend time in and ultimately protect forests is unlimited.  By providing a platform for people to join in without huge cost, travel or time commitments the BCC is increasingly driven to connect this network of incredible people around the world and learn more about what forests mean to each and everyone.