Big Canopy Campout 2018 took place on 15th and 16th September

'Everything is about saving the forest.'
- 翁恒斌 Tawain


Following the success of the first year in connecting with people and their forests, the BCC event extended its reach to further corners of the world including Costa Rica, Taiwan and Scandinavia.  Nearing 1000 participants, the event saw activists defend native forests against imminent logging, scientists celebrate their fieldwork sites from the tree tops, families create incredible indoor forts and garden campouts, groups of friends gather in local forests and professional climbers of trees, rock and concrete use their skills to find a special spot above ground.

We had special support from DMM Wales and Treemagineers in selling 1000 PerfectO carabiners in limited edition BCC colours, which went on to raise £5000 for World Land Trust to purchase and protect an area of native forest in the Sierra Gorda Reserve, Mexico.  In addition to the local fundraising campaigns made by individuals, BCC raised enough to secure 700 acres of native forest in Mexico which is home to jaguars, the Yucatan brown brocket, the Mexican black bear and spider monkeys amongst others.

The BCC team had the pleasure and privilege of travelling to Danum Valley, Borneo to meet Unding Jami and his team of canopy climbers who had been at the heart of the event in 2017, pulling out all the stops to camp out in their local rainforest. Braving storms, rain and insects, Unding, who has been climbing for over 15 years supporting scientists in their canopy based research, is all too aware how crucially important the forest ecosystem is to everything and everyone within it.