If you have a young camper (or many) then here are some printables and ideas to get the games going. No matter what the weather, there is always some fun activities to do. Print some of these off and send them back to us with your team and child's/children's name(s) to proudly show them off after your campout


Scavenger Hunt - Get them hunting for some nearby wonder in nature

Star Spotting - Whether you are in the Southern or Northern Hemisphere, try and see if you can spot these well known star constellations, maybe you can spot others that aren't on our maps? Let's hope it's a clear night. 

Wordsearch - Try find the words related to our camping adventures

Colouring Page - Have your mini campers colour in our logo with their own colours and even try design their own BCC logo. 

Alphabet Game - How many objects in your camp can you find beginning with each letter of the alphabet? See who can get the most!

Bug Tracks - This simple experiment can have your kids watching the local insects and how they move when sourcing water, try spotting as many insects as you can