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Collection: Join in the Online Auction for a DMM Keanu Rigging Trolley in BCC custom colours!


Join in our first ever online auction and win one of only two BCC Custom coloured DMM Keanu Rigging Trolley's worldwide!

What is a Keanu Trolley!?

This compact trolley for highline rigging and rescue operations is ideal for rescue teams, arborists and theatre riggers. Lighter and smaller than highline assemblies constructed using multiple components the idea is to provide a device that makes it easier to lift and move loads with precision and speed.

For product information visit the DMM website

Why an Auction?

To raise funds for SËRA Foundation and the Siekoya Remolino Community in the fight to protect their ancestral home, knowledge and culture in the Ecuadorian Amazon. 

***ALL PROFITS GO TO SËRA Foundation***

What do I have to do?

- Online Bidding is open from 09.00am 23rd of August until 00.00 1st October 

- Bidding is in £20 increments.

- Place your bid by clicking on the Keanu Trolly Link below

- Register an account with name, address and password.

- Activate your new account using the link in the email sent to you

- Sign in using your log in details and place bid

- You will receive confirmation of your bid and bid number via email and in your BCC Online Account

How do I know if I have won?

The auction will close at 12.00AM 1st October 2021 and the person with the highest bid at that time will claim the Keanu.


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