• New Year's Tree Climbing Expedition to Costa Rica - spaces available!

    With over 40 years of tree climbing experience Eric Folmer will be leading a tree climbing expedition to Costa Rico over New Year's.  An arborist, canopy researcher and board member of Global Organisation of Tree Climbers (GOTC), Eric will be leading the two week trip to include visit canopy research conservation areas including Osa Conservation, Corcovado National Park, Caño Island and finishing with tree climbing. (See program below)

    There are up to 20 places available, please contact Eric directly for booking and any questions.

  • Supporting the Siekopai - Part 3

    The young Siekopai and I are eternally grateful, especially to Vicki and Rebecca Tough, for their ongoing support.

    In the words of Jimmy: “Big Canopy Campout has helped us so much! They have given us so much strength. They have supported us with this really important tour. They have opened a really big door for us! We are so grateful to them. From this territory, from this ancient Siekopai territory, from the descendants of great shamans, from jaguars, from all the spirits that we have in this land, we send them strength so that they can keep doing this beautiful work.”

    We are so excited to see what the next chapter brings.

  • Supporting the Siekopai Part 2

    'Over the next three hours, they each took a turn to speak, sharing words of encouragement and advice for the young Siekopai. For me the wayusa ceremony was perhaps the highlight of the whole ten days that we spent together. It was such a magical experience, sitting around a fire in the deepest Amazon, drinking sacred tea and listening to stories of resistance from such inspirational and eloquent people.'
  • Supporting the Siekopai - Part 1

    In 2021, Big Canopy Campout raised funds for the Sëra Foundation, an indigenous grassroots organisation founded by a group of young Amazon defenders of Siekopai nationality who are working to protect their territory and ancestral culture.

    Their focus is to create an education system that combines their ancestral wisdom with aspects of modern knowledge, and to develop sustainable sources of income for their community.

    BCC 2021 connected our international community of tree climbers and outdoor enthusiasts with these forest defenders in a global campaign to protect the Ecuadorian Amazon, learn from the people who have resided there for millennia and share their story of resistance.

    Funds raised through the sale of custom made products provided the opportunity for the Sëra Foundation to leave their community on a trip to visit inspiring people and projects to guide the steps in their journey.

    Beth Pitts activist, author and friend of the Siekopai documents the story here.

  • Get Scientific at the BCC Event!

    This year BCC are supporting TreeWalkers launch and test their new idea for a tree description system to be used by tree climbers for the purpose of sharing and comparing different trees around the world.⁠
  • Enter our Photo & Short Video Competition!⁠

    We are blown away with the standard of creativity and originality of photos and content sent to us each year and this year we’d like to offer the chance to win prizes for your efforts! ⁠

    We've got three photography and one short video category to take part in.⁠
  • How to get involved in the BCC Event this year⁠

    We want to connect with all our campouts throughout the event weekend and show the world how many incredible people there are standing up for the f...
  • Shop Opening 15th August 2022!!

    Our Shop will open again on 15th of August with a range of fund-raising products aimed at the tree climbing and outdoor community!⁠
  • BCC continues to support SËRA Foundation in 2022

    Since our first contact with Beth and Jimmy in January 2021 we've had quite the journey getting to know and learning from the Siecoya Remolino community and their story of resistance.⁠
  • 2022 Campout Registration is OPEN!

    Registration is our way of sharing your campout with the community and displaying the international network of forest enthusiasts taking part around the world.⁠ ⁠

  • Telling the Siekopai Story with Jimmy Piaguaje part 8

    Meet Robinson Piaguaje, the young apprentice Shaman of the Siekoya Remolino and who is currently part of the SËRA Foundation expedition who are vis...
  • Telling the Siekopai Story with Piaguaje Part 7

    How do people connect and support with indigenous communities in a respectful way?

    The best way is to coordinate directly with the community, those who would like to visit indigenous communities and discover our medicine have the opportunity to do so.