How to get involved in the BCC Event this year⁠

We want to connect with all our campouts throughout the event weekend and show the world how many incredible people there are standing up for the future of our forests. ⁠

The campout provides an opportunity to virtually explore forests, trees and the connection between people and the environment in a positive way. It’s your chance to show off your little corner and tell its story to the rest of the world.⁠

Get Involved⁠
1. Register your campout online (link in bio)⁠
2. Download our Get Involved document on the BCC website⁠
3. Shop our online store (Opening 15th August!)⁠
4. Take part in our online Raffle (Opening 15th August!)⁠
5. Win prizes by taking part in our Photography competition⁠
6. Get Scientific and record the trees you climb over the Event weekend!⁠

Head over to our Get Involved Page and find all the details!