How the Hitch Climber Eccentric came to be.


Since its establishment in 1981 DMM has grown into a world renowned manufacturer of climbing and mountaineering equipment. Known for their high standards in development, function and aesthetics DMM products are recognised across the tree care, rope access and climbing professions for their innovative designs.

Big Canopy Campout are delighted to have their support once again and be able to offer our community two new and incredible products with the bespoke BCC colours as part of our 2020 event fundraising campaign.

Proceeds from each item sold will be donated to Bob Brown Foundation for their continued and inspiring work defending old growth forest in Australia and Tasmania. For more information please see their website.

Why we chose the Hitch Climber Eccentric as our first product

In support of the Bob Brown Foundation and recognition of the work carried out by tree climbing activists worldwide we teamed up with DMM to offer a product specifically for tree climbing that represents the huge advances in equipment development.

As climbing equipment advances so do our climbing systems and the ways in which we can climb more efficiently and safely.  

Read the story below about how this product came to be and what it now offers the tree climbing world.

The Nerdy Bit

First introduced to the market in 2007 the Hitch Climber was designed to offer a streamlined version of the work positioning hitch system by avoiding the cluster of multiple carabiners in parallel on the harness bridge and any possible carabiner misconfiguration.

The History Bit

Despite some initial kickback to the new product, where it’s size, weight and need for an additional carabiner were scrutinised against other items on the market it went on to have a huge impact on climbing systems worldwide and continues to be the leading tool for tree climbers on both moving double and stationary rope systems. 

So why change it now!?

The Evolution Bit

"For there to be evolution of a product there must first be an understanding of how the product performs in its’ environment and then an idea that something isn’t as good as it could be” Chris Cowell, Treemagineers

With huge advances in computer design software, over a decade of observed use across multiple work at height professions and DMM’s unique ability to shape metal came the opportunity to develop the original Hitch Climber design from a generalist pulley into one adapted specifically for tree climbing. 

Welcome to the world Hitch Climber Eccentric!

Technical Bit

The Hitch Climber Eccentric pulley lies at the heart of friction hitch based work positioning systems for both moving and stationary rope configurations.  It helps to advance the friction hitch earlier and fairleads the rope into the rope channel and onto the sheave much more efficiently.  The Eccentric continues to be a super foundation for the development of friction hitch based fall protection systems much loved by working arborists, canopy researchers and recreation tree climbers alike.

You can find all the technical information and descriptions on DMM’s website

The Fundraising Bit

Proceeds from the sales of this product go directly to Bob Brown Foundation where tree climbing activism has been and continues to be a powerful tool in their fight to protect the old growth forests of Australia. Buying this product will contribute to the money required to continue funding people, equipment and resources in future tree-sits and keep these invaluable environments standing.

With thanks to DMM & Treemagineers

BCC team and community