Get Scientific at the BCC Event!

New for 2022!!

This year BCC are supporting TreeWalkers launch and test their new idea for a tree description system to be used by tree climbers for the purpose of sharing and comparing different trees around the world.⁠

Uniform Tree Description Format (UTDF) is a method of identifying specific features for each tree climbed with the intention to make an e-catalogue full of stories, experiences and information on trees by those who have had the privilege to climb them.⁠

You can find the online UTDF form and instructions of how to categorise your tree on our website under Further Information or in the Get Involved page.⁠

These details will be added to your campout location on our world campout map for others to see. If you don’t have time to complete all the questions just do what you can. Every detail helps :)⁠

Please note this is the first version and respectful feedback, questions and comments are encouraged. Please contact contact TreeWalkers directly ⁠⁠