Enter our Photo & Short Video Competition!⁠

New for 2022!!⁠

We are blown away with the standard of creativity and originality of photos and content sent to us each year and this year we’d like to offer the chance to win prizes for your efforts! ⁠

We've got three photography and one short video category to take part in.⁠

1. Creative Nature⁠
Using nature as your focal point, capture the beauty of your surroundings with no human interference ⁠

2. Reality Check (Submit up to 3 comparison photos to tell the story!)⁠
This is our take on ‘Influencers in the Wild’ where we want to see your most finely edited and beautified social media shot next to the harsh reality of camping.⁠

3. Best Canopy Selfie⁠
Every year we get big goofy grins from all your mad beautiful faces and we want to see more of them!!⁠

Video Competition - Leave No Trace⁠
We are looking for short videos (30 seconds max) showing the before, during and after spaces of your campout highlighting how we can live amongst these spaces without causing harm or long lasting damage. We are looking for positive actions interacting with trees, campsites and nature. ⁠
Timelapse’s, stitched short clips, weather changes, set-up, de-rig, hammock/tent setup. Show us the key moments throughout the weekend.⁠

You don't need to be an expert at videography and editing, just have fun and leave no trace behind!⁠

For more information check out the competition instructions