Bob brown Foundation Media Release: Global Canopy Campout to aid Australia’s largest temperate rainforest in takayna / Tarkine

October 13, 2020

Tasmanian environmentalists have joined a global campaign to spend this Saturday night perched in the canopy of takayna / Tarkine’s threatened rainforests.

Bob Brown Foundation is hosting the Big Canopy Campout in Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine this weekend, one of 107 campouts across 24 different countries including England, Scotland, Germany, Russia, Taipai, Borneo, Malaysia, Costa Rica, America, Belgium, France, Brazil, Canada, New Zealand and Japan, that will focus their attention on Australia’s largest temperate rainforest.

“Tasmania’s takayna / Tarkine is a global treasure but sadly its ancient rainforests and tall eucalypts are still threatened by logging. Our campaign to defend and protect Australia’s largest temperate rainforest will be on the main stage this weekend for the global Big Canopy Campout. We will be the opening the event for this global action with our Tassie sunrise, the first of the official Canopy Campouts. Participants will be camping out in Earth's diverse forests as we chase the sunset, night and dawn across the world. Climbers in spectacular jungles and threatened forests elsewhere in Australia will join together with enthusiasts in tree-tents, hammocks and pods in all forested corners of the earth to explore, inspire and protect,” Jenny Weber, Bob Brown Foundation’s Campaign Manager said.

“It is not only the canopies that people camp in for this global event. This year due to COVID, the event is also having camp-ins and building indoor forts. Participants across the globe will stay in and connect with the canopy campers through our online event on Saturday evening, learning about our campaign for the protection of takayna / Tarkine by watching Patagonia’s film takayna,” Jenny Weber said.

“We have recently launched the Australian Native Forest Declaration, calling for an end to native forest logging across Australia. This year’s Canopy Campout, supporting our fight for native forests and wildlife in this climate and biodiversity emergency, will give a great boost to our work,” Jenny Weber said.

“Big Canopy Campout has had the privilege of the Bob Brown Foundation’s support since it began in 2017 and they continue to inspire our community of forest ambassadors with their consistent and determined frontline action protecting the environment. Their grassroots activism based on a solid foundation of science and research is exactly the kind of organisation that BCC wishes to stand alongside in our bid to promote people and projects protecting the future of our forests. We are delighted to have them host the Big Canopy Campout this year and to join them in the fight to protect one of the last remaining areas of temperate rainforest in the world, takayna / Tarkine. In doing so, we hope to celebrate the people behind the campaigns and share their stories,” Vicki Tough said, spokesperson for the Big Canopy Campout.

“There are so many people around the world contributing to the knowledge, understanding and ultimately the protection of trees and forests, yet they themselves, or even their work, largely go unheard. Big Canopy Campout is a means to connect these people, share their stories and celebrate the local successes on a global scale. There is no doubt of the importance of forests for the future of our planet, not to mention our own health and happiness. This annual event allows us the opportunity to take positive action literally in your back garden! I am delighted to have this opportunity to get to know more people and continue fighting for the protection of forests worldwide,” Vicki Tough said.


You can join our online event on Saturday evening to hear from folks around the world in the canopies:


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