BCC continues to support SËRA Foundation in 2022

⁠After the success of last year and in response to the continuing pressures on indigenous communities within the Amazon rainforest BCC are delighted to continue supporting the SËRA Foundation.⁠

Since our first contact with Beth and Jimmy in January 2021 we've had quite the journey getting to know and learning from the Siecoya Remolino community and their story of resistance.⁠

With so much more to say and so many more opportunities to contribute positively to the future of these people, their culture and ancestral forest home we will continue to raise funds from our online shop, raffle and donations to help create a sustainable source of income that allows the community to remain living within the forest.⁠

For more information on the Siekopai and the journey we've taken so far head over to our website.⁠