Frequently Asked Questions


Big Canopy Campout collaborates with manufacturers to offer unique products to the tree climbing and campout community, raising funds for our chosen charity.
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There will raffles and competitions for camping and climbing equipment in the run up to the event. You can also fundraise independently and donate to our cause even if you cannot plan a camp.

Camp in and around your favourite trees and celebrate everything they mean to you. Support campaigns to protect forests by purchasing BCC merchandise online. take part in sponsored events or donate directly to our cause. Share your camp and activities and BCC mission wherever possible in person and online in one international celebration. 

Register here, it's free! 

Yes! The event date will not suit everyone. we would be delighted to receive photos and stories from before and after too. 

We understand, and that’s why we’ve got the next best thing, Big Canopy Camp-In, keeping you involved without going out! Enjoy watching events unfold around the world as we follow Camps setting up and getting settled in over the weekend. 

Only attempt to organise an event at height or climb if you are competent to do so. This includes risk assessments and rescue and evacuation protocols. All safety is the responsibility of individual participants. Please have a look at our guide on responsible camping HERE .  


An international event for the canopy and forest community raising funds and awareness to protect native forests worldwide. 

To connect the growing global community of tree climbers, researchers, activists and forest enthusiasts in an annual outdoor event and provide a global fundraising platform to support tree and forest protection. 

You don’t need to be a climber to get involved. Simply set up Camp near the forest floor for a night of forest camping.
We want everyone who cares about forests to get involved and join our passionate global community of tree climbers, scientists, adventurers and forest enthusiasts in showing appreciation for these incredible environments. 


There is no single BCC location.  We all create our own campouts in forests or outdoor areas. The event is about sharing your forests with the rest of the world in an act of solidarity towards the protection of these areas around the globe.